At KYB, you’ll find a group of passionate people who believe in developing the very best and safest products. Good enough does not cut it for products that affect vehicle control, stability and stopping distance. Transporting your family, hauling heavy loads or spirited driving, our products are built correctly with a clear, considered purpose. Our mission embraces education and safety to shops, parts stores and consumers; we believe that knowledge allows for better decisions and better performing vehicles.

FCS is an automotive brand based in Michigan that specializes in manufacturing struts and shock absorbers. Although it’s a globally recognized brand, FCS mainly distributes its products across the United States. That’s why the company has three distribution centers in the US.

StrongArm lift supports are easy to replace and can be done at home. All you need is about 10 minutes and a screwdriver. We also highly recommend doing it with a friend, so that the hood, tailgate or whatever you’re working on can be held up while you replace the supports. Although gas spring and lift supports are found all around today’s cars and trucks, here are the main replacement areas: