The AC Spark Plug Company was founded on October 26, 1908 by Albert Champion and William C. Durant in Flint, Michigan. It’s industry was spark plugs and automobile parts and its headquarters were in Flint, Michigan and Grand Blanc, Michigan. In 1909, AC Spark Plug became a division of the General Motors Company. In 1974, the division was merged with GM’s United Delco division, forming AC-Delco.

The Autolite® story began in 1911 when two small companies started producing buggy lamps, becoming a thriving automotive parts manufacturer by the 1930s. But its history as a spark plug manufacturer began in 1935 when Royce G. Martin, President of the Electric Autolite Company, equipped and staffed a lab to develop the first Autolite spark plug.

The DENSO Creed has been the starting point for DENSO since its founding. The ideals of our predecessors are encapsulated in the DENSO Creed. We have inherited these ideals and continue to put them into practice today. Moreover, we will ensure that these ideals will be passed on to the next generation. This entire process forms the basis of our sustainability management. As reflected by the phrase in the DENSO Creed “Provide quality products and services,” acting on behalf of society is our company motto. The spirit of this phrase is also imbued in the mission adopted under the DENSO Philosophy and the DENSO Group Sustainability Policy: “Contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future.”

Currently, a wide range of qualities are required to make motorization a reality – safety, comfort, convenience, and high environmental performance. In addition to boasting the world’s No.1 share of the spark plug market, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. has developed excellent eco-efficiency products. From here on, too, we will contribute to the new automobile society as sought after by the world through high technological strength and reliable quality.

With Motorcraft and Ford Parts for your Ford and Lincoln, and now Omnicraft for most other makes and models, we offer the parts you need – no matter what you drive.